Twenty years ago the Kelly family in northern Tasmania used premium, local products to enhance a range of delicious food condiments that made their little restaurant (Red Kellys of Westbury) a favourite haunt for locals and travellers alike. Many of these ingredients like the Tasmanian Pepperberry are native to our pristine island state and harvested from wild forests that thrive in our temperate climate.

Today these same traditional recipes bring you premium food experiences to be enjoyed anywhere.

At Red Kellys Tasmania we predominantly produce a range of unique, delicious dressings. They taste brilliant, have wonderful visual appeal and are competitively priced (RRP less than $4.80*). Although highly versatile the dressings are mainly used over salads and have an exciting difference in flavour and texture. Check “Recipe Ideas” for more uses.

Most varieties have benefits such as being cholesterol free, gluten free, no artificial flavours and low salt. We’re not only Australian Made but proudly Australian Family OWNED!

*Freight and other handling costs may increase this in some areas. Pricing cannot be fixed and is the decision of the retailer.



You can find us in the salad dressing aisle of your favourite supermarket