“Bought this week (dressing), it’s really good, congrats!” JM

“The product is fantastic & I am telling my friends in Sydney they can now get it a Woolworths!” KB

“Hi, I was just in the middle of making some homemade hummus and realised I didn’t have any lemons left. Also, still being a little dry, I didn’t want to add anymore oil so my partner suggested some lemon myrtle dressing. Wallah! Really delicious :o” VC

“We love all your sauces and dressing. My favourite is the lemon myrtle. Yum!” TS

“We just enjoyed home made haloumi with Red Kellys Pepperberry Lake Salt!” JC

“Your Sweet Chilli and Lime dressing is amazing!!!!” HP

“Had my first salad for the season last night. Sweet chilli and Lime dressing. Very nice. Thank you for making it.” MJ

“I love your Devil Dust. It is my favourite seasoning. I put it on pretty much everything.” PF

“I think your (Dessert) sauces are fabulous.” LG

“I really need to buy low sodium products, I am a foodie and love to entertain and I came across RED KELLYS only recently – well today actually. Low Sodium (very low actually) my other fav brands are very high! I bought sweet chilli and lime, I want to thank you for cracking the low sodium end of the market. Thank you so much and I cant wait to try your whole range (if low sodium) great job guys!” MV

“Just a quick “howdy” to say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your products. My pick? Chilli and Lime dressing, on Coles mixed washed salad, to be served with garlic prawns and rice. YUM!” GT

“As I have changed my way of eating to Gluten Free, finding a salad dressing other than the norm was proving difficult, until I recently found your fantastic range at Coles.” PA

“Recently I have been buying your sauces. They are just FANTASTIC AND I love the shape of the bottles AND..I have got several of my friends buying your products too after telling them how good they are. So keep up the good work.” MM

“Love your products (Basil Garlic Dressing).” LB

“Hi, I was given your Lemon Myrtle dressing, I have really enjoyed having it on my salads.” V

“Your dressings are fantastic and make salads so fresh n tasty. The family’s favourite. Thanks. Red Kelly dressings are my favourite new products and for someone who never takes the time to provide any business with feedback shows how impressed I am!” KR

“I am addicted to your Pepperberry Lake Salt Seasoning.” DW

“Don’t know if it (Sweet Chilli Lime Dressing) was meant for going on tuna steaks but oh my god is it good!” JG

“Just would like to compliment you on your dressings, especially the sweet chilli & lime. I usually don’t like dressings on my salads but have been using this every day at work for myself and 3 other colleagues and have told other people about them as well. Congratulations on a delicious product!” PS

“Hi! We were given your Sweet Chilli and Lime Dressing as a gift, and absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for producing such a yummy dressing for our salads.” HC

“Yummmmo! I’ve just discovered your Traditional Dressing – so scrummy! I actually look forward to eating salads now! :-) I will definitely buy this again!” HC

“Tried the sweet chilli and lime dressing a few months ago, and there is no turning back! My 13yo niece took one taste, and she is now converted. Drizzled some onto my salad roll (with fresh coriander and pork) today. Pure yum!” BT

“I love Red Kellys! The dressings are fantastic on salads!!” NS

“I love the lemon myrtle dressing! Actually… I love them all. I’ve lost 10kg & counting using your dressings, they make my salads so much tastier!” ET

“Just love your dressings.” LO

“We love your salad dressing!! I usually make our own but found your dressings tick all the boxes so we buy it all the time.” LS

“I love Red Kelly Dressings.” RS

“Raspberry Sauce. Would like to know retailers on mainland Australia as I have been spoilt by your sauce since I purchased a few bottles in Tas.” RM

“Red Kellys Sweet Chilli and Lime dressing. LOVE IT.” M

“Hi Red Kellys, we bought two of your dressings a few weeks ago and love it to bits.” HK

“I have just finished a bottle of your Lemon Myrtle Dressing – this would be one of the nicest dressings I have ever tasted – I loved it especially on fish dishes.” EC

“Just need to say Red Kellys dressings are sooooooooooo yummy. I have tried heaps on the market but can honestly say have never really liked any that would make me want to write a comment. I tried & love the Traditional, I have at least three bottles in the pantry at one time as I don’t want to run out. Even my fussy kids love it, which really says a lot. Please don’t stop making it.” RV

“Pepperberry Lake Salt shaker; great stuff, everyone loves it when they taste it.” BB

“You make some of the best refreshing dressings I’ve come across! Keep up the fantastic work :) ” KM

“Just want to comment on the “traditional” Red Kelly’s dressing. I have tried dozens of different salad dressings over many years & R K is the only delicious one. Every other brand I have bought I have thrown away, please don’t ever discontinue it !!!!” JK

“Lemon and Oregano dressing; I am addicted!” HJ

“I particularly love the Traditional Dressing and the Italian Dressing.” TA

“I (we, 16yr old daughter as well) now have 4 bottles of your wonderful lemon myrtle dressing, some of which made our fish and salad that much tastier tonight.” GW

“Hi, I just felt impressed to let you know that I have been purchasing your Red Kelly Sweet Chilli and Lime Dressing, also the Garlic and Basil Dressing, all I can say is WOWWWW… The flavour is just incredible and it has brought my salads to a new dimension. Two days ago I was in Coles Morwell and had just picked up one of your dressings when a lady asked me what it was like, on my recommendation alone she purchased four bottles… I love the product as it is of very high quality, only Red Kellys for me.” CB

“We love the taste sensation that is Red Kellys and it is the first time I have ever actually gone looking for a specific salad dressing (or two) in the supermarket. Congratulations on a great product.” PG

“Hi there, my family of six love your dressings. The lemon myrtle and chilli and lime dressings are absolute favourites – so delicious and unique! We are vegan, and good dressings are hard to come by.” LS

“I think they are great especially as they are Heart Foundation approved.” EH

“I would like to say how much I love your traditional dressing, it tastes great, thanks for a great product.” DL

“Dear Leo, You are a genius! I was bored with the dressings that were available on the supermarket shelves. I accidentally came across Red Kellys at Coles, and so I decided to try the Lemon Myrtle dressing. Wow, wow, wow! I have now discovered a dressing that tantilises my tastebuds. Not only the lemon myrtle, but I now purchase all the dressings and rotate them according to my salads. Thank you for creating these exceptional taste combinations. I am a proud Australian, and I know that as Australians we can provide produce that is equal if not extremely superior to the overseas products. Love all your dressings. Once again THANK YOU for your product.” OI

“I had the ‘OH MY GOD’ yum when I tried your basil & garlic dressing & have been having it every day on my salads. Today I also bought the lemon & oregano. WOW. Thank you for making my salads enjoyable & exciting.” JH

“We bought some of your BBQ seasoning while travelling and like it a lot.” MH

“I love your salad dressings, especially the basil and garlic one.” SD

“Just had to write and say how delighted I am with your dressings. They caught my eye in the supermarket a few weeks ago and I was so impressed. My family is now loving lots of healthy salad that until now has been unheard of. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.” SG

“Red Kellys Pepperberry Lake Salt Seasoning. Bought one bottle on last trip to Tassie and fell in love.” DP

“I absolutely love the dynamite chilli sauce.” TH

“Just finished a salad for lunch with the Balsamic Apple dressing – bit of a fan!” BC

“My mother-in-law gave us a bottle of your Lemon Myrtle dressing, we’ve finished the bottle and would like to buy more. Hmmm… love it!” RV

“It (Devil Dust) is the best spice I have tasted.” HR

“Just wanted to send a message of thanks, I have never ever had dressing on my salads in all my life (I am 46). I didn’t like any dressings. 2 years ago my sister said you have GOT to try this traditional red kellys dressing. I said no no I just hate dressings. She forced me to try it and I couldn’t count the bottles I have bought since then. I won’t eat salad without it now… I have totally changed my way of eating and eat way more salads now than I ever have. I LOVE your traditional dressing and the french dressing. It’s really lovely and just has a superb taste, so I just want to say thank you for a wonderful product.” CR

“I came across your salad dressings in Coles. I bought the Sweet Chilli & Lime and ohhhh when I used it on my salad that evening I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It’s the most heavenly dressing. I have bought it since and am now totally hooked on this wonderful product. The fact that it is also Australian & Tasmanian is a bonus. I have recommended it to everyone I know… even on my Facebook page. Cheers. :-) ” SB

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. A winner (Lemon Myrtle Dressing) for us, don’t ever stop making it.” JM

“Thank goodness you are Australian as we all now love the dressings and as I said we try to only use Australian owned. All my family are converts and I shall be spreading the good word.” ME

“I’ve recently brought one of your dressings, lemon and oregano, all I can say is it is yum, cant wait to try some more flavours.” JG

“Hi Red Kellys. Please can you tell me where I can purchase your beautiful dressings. I have just tasted the French dressing one for the first time and thought it was fantastic.” FP

“Yum!” HK

“I came across Red Kellys Tasmania Apple Infused Balsamic Dressing. OMG… the flavours in this dressing are so yummy. The apple flavour seeps through the dressing along with the bite of the balsamic. I have gone through a whole bottle in just 6 days. What a beautiful dressing. Superb Red Kelly, well done.” TL

“We’re fans of your Sweet Chilli and Lime and also your Traditional dressings. I am really keen to try the Basil and Garlic one too!” SM

“Red Kellys quince paste… amazing…” JB

“Chilli n lime lovely on poached salmon!” CO

“My father (who loves cooking healthy food!) was visiting for Christmas and he fell in love with your Sweet Chili and Lime dressing. Anyway, we can never find salad dressings that are okay for him and that taste this good! We bought a few bottles and used them nearly every day.” KS

“I enjoy your dressings but especially your Italian Dressing.” KC

“Leo, Just tried your Basil & Garlic dressing on a salad tonight, absolutly fantastic!!!! Thanks.” G

“Congratulations! You’ve made The 10/10 List at where a product of yours has been tested & reviewed as brilliant!” KS

“I had some of your delicious dressing at a New Year party and just had to buy some. I am spreading the word, as I haven’t had such a good shop bought dressing for years. I have been making my own, but cannot possibly top your Traditional.” KM

“I purchased the above product (Sweet Chilli Lime Dressing) for the first time, it was delicious.” JO

“I bought pepperberry dressing on a visit to Tasmania in March this year and love it.” HA

“I have to write and tell you that I just love your dressings. I have only just discovered them but will be buying nothing else in future. Got stuck the other day, I wanted a sauce for some steamed veges, only had your basil & garlic dressing. I used that instead and it was so delicious warmed and put over the veges. Thank you.” JR

“I purchased two of your products last night for the first time @ Coles, the Chili & Lime and the Garlic & Basil, and they are yummo! And all free of the bad stuff. I’ll be putting you guys on my shopping list from now on 🙂 I’m waiting for my Christmas order of prawns, the Chili & Lime will be perfect with them. Thanks & Regards.” JM

“I am a retired nurse and supporter of Australian products, also have to watch cholesterol. Your Basil & Garlic dressing ticks all the boxes, is in a glass container (plastic is dreadful) and tastes fantastic. Not too high in salt, sugar or trans fat. Thanks so much.” PM

“The Sweet Chilli & Lime Dressing is lovely!” LH

“I could eat a bucket of salad with this dressing. Thank You!!!!” HK

“I can say I loved the Sweet Chili Lime dressing!” TP

“Really enjoying your dressing, thanks!” JD

“Thanks Red Kellys for making such an amazing product. Can’t wait to try the rest of the range.” SH

“In March this year you were so kind and donated bottles of your delicious dressings to go into Tasmanian “goodie” bags for interstate competitors. Last weekend we competed in a competition in Victoria and were absolutely inundated by folk who were RAVING about the dressing they had received!” TD

“Just wanted to say that I am glad I have discovered your low salt salad dressings! I’m really enjoying them and it’s great that it’s Aussie made.” A

“Thanks for the great dressings that leave all the others for dead… I will keep spreading the word.” SM

“My friend I have lived only 43 years on this planet and have tried all the chilli sauce brands, nothing and I repeat nothing comes close to your recipe (Dynamite Chilli Sauce).” AM

“Love your products!” RV and SB

“Hi, love your Italian Dressing.” DW

“We are hooked on Lemon Myrtle Dressing and we continue to use it and impress our friends with this wonderful dressing.” AM

“Love your chocolate sauce and lemon myrtle dressing.” JM

“The Italian dressing is fantastic mixed over plain pasta for a BBQ.” BF

“The Sweet Chilli and Lime is my all time fave. Thank you, Red Kellys. I’m a longtime fan of a simple salad, but you’ve taken it to a whole new level!!!” AK

“Can you please tell me where I can purchase your Sunday Roast Seasoning. After travelling in Tassie we fell in love with it!” JG

“You don’t need to advertise when the product is so amazing! I will continue to sing your praises! I have a salad planned for lunch, but which dressing to choose, that is the question!!” AK

“Your Lemon Myrtle dressing is sensational!!! Absolutely brilliant. I won’t eat a salad without it. In fact because it tastes so great I actually eat more salad greens so it’s all round a blessing. Plus with the health tick there’s nothing else you could do to make it any better. We always pack it for camping and I always rave about it to guests and family. Love that it’s Australian owned and made too. Well done!!!” LS

“I will stock up on the Italian dressing and I look forward to trying some of the other varieties. I used the last of my bottle last night with dinner, I had been rationing the portions. My family loves it!!” JH

“Is there any way I can buy this dressing in the States? I recently spent time in Tassie and couldn’t get enough of this. It is wonderful!!!! I’ve tried it on my friends and family here they also love it.” CB

“I love this dressing (Lemon Myrtle) and would like to try others.” MG

“My friend brought your dressing to me in Boston when she visited Australia. I love it.” SS

“Just a quick note to let you know how great your dressings are.” LS

“I love the dressings and like to support Aussie businesses.” BS

“Could you please tell me where in Melbourne the Red Kellys Dressings are available. I purchased some on a recent trip to Tas and love them.” LC

“Rocket, red onion, grape tomatoes, capsicum, avocado and Danish feta with Italian dressing is delicious! It smells beautiful and tastes so fresh! Give it a try!” L

“Just on my lunch break, eating my delicious salad. It is so delicious I thought I would flick you a quick email to say how much I LOVE your Italian Dressing!!!! I have got so many of my family and friends onto it too! It really is so affordable, a lot of my friends are surprised at the price. Can’t believe I have suffered _ _ _ _ _ for so long!!!!!!” SW

“I bought your Lemon Myrtle dressing for the first time the other day from my local Coles supermarket. This is the first time I’ve purchased a Red Kellys product. I am so impressed by the quality and knowing that my purchase is supporting an Australian company. Not only this, you’ve also made a delicious dressing that has the heart foundation tick. You guys are doing a wonderful job and you’ve just found one more loyal customer :) ” N

“After using your Lemon Myrtle dressing again, on the rocket I had for dinner tonight, accompanying chicken, I thought I’d let you know how good I think the dressing is and that I’m very happy to have found it. It goes perfectly with the poultry and fish that are the only meats I eat these days, and I’m delighted to have found it. Thank you.” CD

“Red Kellys Dynamite Chilli Sauce: My son loves it and nothing else can compare.” GW

“Found your dressings recently at Coles… they are ‘To Die FOR’!!!!!!!” NS

“A quick note to say my family LOVE this product! I have been looking for years for a decent salad dressing and this one is just perfect! Refreshing, extremely tasty and great price.” R

“I have never done this before but wanted to let you know that your dressings are absolutely wonderful. My favourite is the Basil & Garlic – I confess to claiming it as my secret recipe to my mother-in-law but to all others I let them in on my secret. Thank you for your great products & I wish you all the success.” LK

“I bought your dressings when I was working in Australia. I wish I could go down to my favorite gourmet restaurant here in the US and pick some up right now!!! Please import them to the US. They would be a hit!! Thanks for a wonderful product. I like to buy ‘local’, but these dressings cannot be beat.” MB

“Just letting yous know your product is the best we have come across, keep up the good work.” MR

“I purchased 2 of your dressings which are absolutely brilliant and all our friends who have tried it rave about them.” RZ

“We were given a Xmas Hamper which included your Traditional Dressing and Chocolate Sauce. Our salads have never tasted better. Ice cream has become a favourite for dessert.” NK

“Thank you so much for making such a delicious range of gluten free dressings. Absolutely love them and have told all my friends who are also buying them. Please pass on my congratulations to your staff on a fantastic tasting product.” RF

“The Lemon Myrtle is the best!! I’m obsessed and eat it on absolutely everything.” MB

“I’ve never had dressing on salad until I tried these ones. Can’t get enough!!” TG

“I have been using your Red Kellys Dressing at home and I must say it’s the best dressing on the market.” Julie

“I was recently given a bottle of your Lemon Myrtle Dressing and would love to buy some more.” John

“I was never much of a salad dressing girl, you know, take it or leave it lol! I have to say I LOVE your Italian dressing!!! I’m not usually a ‘contactor’, but thought you guys deserved the praise :-) .” CW

“Just tried the basil and garlic dressing, absolutely exquisite, simply the best salad dressing I have ever tasted. I won’t be buying any other brand and I look forward to trying the other flavours. Thank you for creating such delicious food for us all to enjoy.” A

“Best salad dressings I have ever tasted! Will stock the fridge with all of them!” Linda

“I bought your dressings in Melbourne and they are really nice.” Pat

“Just finished our first bottle of the lemon myrtle dressing! OMG best dressing ever! Our 5 boys ask for salad now just so they can have some Red Kellys!” Rachel

“Leo, discovered it (Basil Garlic Dressing) on the top shelf of my Local BiLo store in Tea Gardens. I generally purchase a good quality dressing and have been disappointed with some of the more
expensive brands, this was a pleasant and delicious suprise, I will be spreading the word, good luck for the future success of Red Kellys. Regards Wilma”

“I love this dressing (Lemon Myrtle)”. Erin

“Hi Leo, I am hoping that you could please advise where I am able to purchase your dressings from… they are absolutely amazing! I live in Bayside Melbourne. Many thanks for your help. Best wishes, Sophie.”

“Hi, we love your product! We purchased the traditional dressing when we were in Jervis Bay on holiday.” Cherie

“Hello I recently had the opportunity to try your traditional basil & garlic salad dressing and it was superb.” Sally

“I was over in Tassie 6 mths ago, purchased some of your dressing, we love it so much, I would like to purchase more, I live in Melb.” Julie

“We were given one as a gift and we just love your traditional and would like to try another one.” Lynda

“Hi. I recently traveled to Tasmania and whilst there purchased a bottle of the Traditional as well as Basil and Garlic dressings. I bought them because my daughters love salad, but I absolutely hate salad. A few nights ago I made a salad for tea, and thought that I would try some of the traditional dressing, and I can honestly say it is the first time I have ever enjoyed salad. I have actually had salad for tea three of the last four nights! Absolutely beautiful – thanks very much. I will be a regular purchaser from now on!” Toni

“I am writing to you as I for more than a year have used many of your salad dressings to enhance (personal opinion) my boring salads! I love that such quality goods come from Tassie and have now become popular across Australia”. Ashlea

“I have just had your wonderful dressing while I was visiting in QLD. I live in Adelaide. Can you please advise if your products are sold there and where? Thanks, Chris”

“I use so many of your dressings and absolutely love them and tell everyone.” Kathy

“Hi, while in Tasmania recently, we discovered the delicious traditional dressing. Looking froward to enjoying salads over the summer months.” Alison

“Have just tried your dressings. I was very impressed.” Betty

“I am from the Gold Coast and was visiting a restaurant in Berriedale, Hobart recently and the salad was superb. I asked what the dressing was and was told it was Red Kellys.” Christine

“Please can you tell me where in W.A. I can purchase the Lemon Myrtle Dressing, I just love it I put it on all my salads and chicken meals.” Helen, WA

“The Red Kellys traditional dressing is the nicest dressing that I have ever tasted and we would like to use it in our hotel for our salads.” Jackie, Cygnet Tas

“Hello, I just wanted to say your Traditional Dressing is the very best in the World and as a family of seven, we all enjoy it and your web page is great and very easy to use.” Fiona

“Hi, a friend of mine just returned from Tasmania and gave me a bottle of Red Kellys Lemon Myrtle salad dressing as a gift. I love it and would love to buy some more.” Zoe, Sydney

“Hi are there any outlets in Victoria for Red Kellys salad dressing, bought some on a recent trip to Tassie, was delicious thanks.” Pam, Victoria

“Whilst in Tasmania last month I purchased two spice seasoning from the gift shop in Hastings Caves. They were magnificent and I’d like to buy more.” John, NSW

“I have a business (delicatesses) in Brugge (Belgium) and I like your products. Someday I did buy a dressing (traditional Tasmanian) and I liked it very much. Where can I find them, and how can I buy them? Do you have retailers in Europe or Belgium?” Fabienne, Belgium

“I just wanted to find out if I can actually buy your traditional dressing in larger quantities than the bottle. Could you tell me if there’s anywhere in particular that you sell the traditional dressing? It’s my absolute favourite thing and I use it on everything! I have converted a few people too! Keep up the good work! It’s delish!!” Rachel, Tasmania

“Hi, just bought a bottle of Lemon Myrtle Salad Dressing for the first time to go over a salad to be accompanied with a Seafood Quiche being given to friends for Sunday lunch. We were all wonderfully surprised having never tasted it before and I personally think it is the nicest salad dressing I have ever tasted. Am looking forward to trying the rest and the Quince Paste if it’s available in Burnie. Well done. It’s wonderful to have a Tasmanian product available that’s not only good quality, beautifully presented but also economically priced. Keep up the good work.” Anita, Tasmania

“Hi Leo, can I say your salad dressings are to die for. We’ve just about gone through the three bottles we bought from you at the show in Sydney. We have the Lemon Myrtle, Garlic & Basil, and the Traditional.” John, Sydney

Just letting you know how much I am in love with your dressings!!! I just spent a month in Taroona on holiday (I’m originally from Hobart but now live in Melb) and discovered the Lemon Myrtle and Traditional dressing at Lipscombe Larder. Now I am home and CRAVING some so I just bought one of each online!! CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THEM ALL!!! You have done an amazing job, and it makes it taste all the nicer knowing you’re from my old ‘hood of Taroona. x Heidi”

Hi, I just had to run to the computer and write a quick email to say what a fantastic product you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just came home from work after going shopping in a fruit and veg shop in Blaxland NSW, I spotted the range of dressings and thought the lemon myrtle one looked good so bought it thinking it was going to be really expensive because of the packaging and the label, but noooooo it was under $4 WOW! Then I got home and opened it and had a taste WOWOWOWOWOWOW it is delicious, I have so many ideas for this, I think it would be a great dressing for potato salad is my immediate thought. Thanks for a fantastic priced and tasting product I am going to try the rest of the range, cant wait!!!!! Kind regards, Sharon”

“Your lemon Myrtle dressing is so good!!!” Lisa

“So in love with your Lemon and Myrtle dressing, we now buy it by the box. I could almost drink it =)” Rachael, Tas

“We were introduced to Red Kellys Lemon Myrtle Dressing day 1 of a 2 month holiday in Tassie. It has been a must have ever since. I arrived home with 3 dozen bottles for gifts.” Di, NSW

“Okay, so I am totally addicted to your Italian Dressing!!! My poor salad gets drowned in it. I can’t believe I waited this long to try something other than the lemon myrtle dressing (which we love on our fish, by the way!).” Jackie, Tas

“Seriously love the range of Sauces and Spices that you guys produce. Your products complement my cooking, and my cooking complements your products. An even deal… Cheers…” Kym

“Recently ‘Jeffers’ has opened up in Maroochydore and I went and checked them out after my neighbour cooked us dinner using one of your salad dressings … Needless to say, I just had to go buy some! We had (and I bought) the Basil & Garlic dressing! :) ♥♥” Renee

“My daughter came home from Tasmania with a bottle of your dressing and we all love it. Could you let me know if it can be bought anywhere in Ireland. It’s the best dressing ever.” Tanya

“I’m here on your website looking for a South Australian supplier of your delicious Lemon Myrtle Dressing. Baby spinach, red onion, tomato and Lemon Myrtle dressing. Beautiful!” Lorraine

“I buy your dressings because of their low salt content and was purchasing them by post and therefore using them fair sparingly, but I have just discovered them in Coles and am now enjoying them on everything. We especially love the Traditional dressing and we often use it on jacket potatoes instead of sour cream. YUM! Thanks heaps!” Wendy



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