Good reasons to eat a salad today

Summer vegetable salad

Habits are hard to break and it can be very easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits, but with a small change to your diet you can begin the route to a fitter and healthier way of life. This starts with swapping French fries for a filling, tasty and nutritious salad as a side order to your sandwich, or even having salad as a replacement for a high calorie lunch. Still not convinced? Then take a look at the following five reasons to eat a salad today.



Vitamins are vital to our health and wellbeing, and a plate of salad greens includes vitamins that will help to keep your hair, teeth, skin and bones in top condition. A colourful plate of rocket, lollo rosso and iceberg lettuce with a choice of fish, egg or meat, along with a drizzle of Red Kellys Tasmania’s Lemon Myrtle or Native Berry dressing will keep you looking and feeling good.



Leafy vegetables and fresh fruit are a great source of natural fibre. Fibre is needed in our diet to promote healthy colons and bowels. Reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer by serving up a fresh fruit salad with a generous helping of Red Kellys Tasmania’s Raspberry sauce.


Weight control

Filling up on a large, satisfying plate of salad, particularly if it includes healthy grains such as brown rice or pulses, will stop you from snacking on sugary foods during the day. There are a number of salad recipes that you can try out that will help you feel full for longer, and if you want to treat your taste buds to something special, then be adventurous with your salad dressing: Red Kellys Tasmania’s Chilli & Lime or Spiced Italian dressing are delicious and perfect for when you’re looking for maximum impact.


Intake of healthy fats

With the health emphasis on reducing our cholesterol levels, there is a need to cut back on fats in our diet. However we do need an intake of healthy fats, and a flavoursome salad can provide what we require on a daily basis.

Mix a few tablespoons of raw seeds such as sesame, sunflower or pumpkin into a plate of tomato and red onion salsa salad, and you’ll be increasing your levels of “good” fats. Slice up a quarter of an avocado to go on top of your salad and finish with a splash of Red Kellys Tasmania’s Tangy Traditional gluten-free dressing for a truly wholesome meal.


Quick and easy

Sometimes life is too short to stand over the stove, but a salad is quick and simple to make and wonderfully portable for taking along on picnics, to work or just outdoors to enjoy while you sit and enjoy a few tranquil moments!

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