Most popular salad dressing flavours and their uses

Salad dressings have been around in their most simple format, a combination of oil and herbs or mustard and honey, for hundreds of years. But while salad dressings today come in all forms and flavours, with a rich variety available on supermarket shelves, there are several that have stood the test of taste buds over the decades. Here are the most popular salad dressing flavours, and the types of dishes that they go best with.


Smooth sweet mustard dressing

The blend of mustard in Red Kellys Smooth Tangy Traditional dressing goes well with a number of dishes, but particularly with new baby potatoes. Cook the baby potatoes in boiling, slightly salted water, then drain and immediately toss in the salad dressing, along with finely chopped spring onions and snipped pieces of chive, for a warm salad that will accompany a number of spring or summer meals.


Creamy Caesar salad dressing

Widely believed to have been created in Mexico in the 1920’s, the original Caesar salad did not allow for forks and knives to be used. Rather, the leaves of the Romaine lettuce in the salad acted as a “scoop”. Heaped upon the leaves were a mixture of anchovies, egg yolks and croutons, along with a dressing that also incorporated Parmesan cheese. Today, the popular salad is easily recreated with Red Kellys Traditional Creamy Caesar dressing, and enjoyed with or without the aid of cutlery.


Basil and garlic dressing

A salad comprising slices of large Mediterranean tomatoes, peeled cucumber and slivers of feta mixed with Kalamata olives, chopped red onion and a sprinkle of oregano only needs a basil and garlic dressing to complete the dish. Serve with roast lamb and warm pita bread to mop up the juices, or with moussaka for a Greek feast. Another popular recipe is to cook baby potatoes, tear up fresh basil leaves, and chop bacon that has been grilled until crispy into small pieces. Combine all three ingredients and pour Red Kellys Smooth Basil and Garlic dressing over it.


Italian salad dressings

Red Kellys Tangy Spiced Italian dressing with a tomato base is very popular and often used in pasta dishes. Pasta twists, or the butterfly farfalle pasta, is the best sort to use in a salad dish as it holds its shape. Cook until “al dente”, or with a bit of a bite, and coat with the dressing. Then add cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and, if preferred, thin strips of Parma ham, and lightly season with cracked black pepper.

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