Prawn & Potato Salad with Red Kellys Tasmania Sweet Chilli and Lime Dressing

Weekend Feast is a Channel 10 cooking show that features a range of the best chefs from the most recognised cooking shows in Australia. Red Kellys Tasmania was privileged to be featured in Weekend Feast in a delicious Spiced Prawn and Potato Salad recipe. A clip of this sumptuous recipe can be viewed below!


The recipe combines potato, prawns, mayoanise, crème fraiche, chillies and coriander, seasoned with pepper and salt. Furthermore, it is topped with crispy garlic and splashes of our very own Red Kellys Tasmania Sweet Chilli and Lime salad dressing.

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Our Red Kellys Tasmania Sweet Chilli and Lime salad dressing is one of our newer dressings and has already become one of our top sellers in the supermarket. This dressing is a sweet mustard style dressing with a sweet chilli and zesty lime undertone. It has a gourmet flavour and is designed for people to relate to and appreciate. It is versatile, working with most ingredients. Many have provided great feedback, mentioning it works with marinating fish fillets and chicken, and even works wonderfully with Asian style salads. Check out your local supermarket to purchase this particular dressing, as well as the range of all other Red Kellys Tasmania dressings.

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