Basil & Beets Sprouts Salad



1 x bunch Baby Beetroot

300g Baby Brussels Sprouts

1 x Garlic Clove

1 x sprig of Thyme

2 x slices of bacon

2 tablespoons of Honey

2 tablespoons of Olive Oil

2 tablespoons of Pinenuts

Shaved Parmesan

Red Kellys Basil and Garlic Dressing



Halve Baby Beets and roast in oven until semi soft.

Halve Brussels Sprouts and place into pan with a little water, blanch until par cooked.

Pour water out of pan and add in olive oil and chopped up bacon – pan toss until bacon and sprouts starts to brown.

Add Honey, Pinenuts, Thyme and Baby Beets to combine together.

Transfer to a serving dish, add shaved parmesan and drizzle generously with Red Kellys Basil & Garlic dressing.