Chipotle Lamb Burger



Serves x 4

500g Lamb mince

Red Kellys Cajun Seasoning

200g Breadcrumbs

1 x Red Capsicum

250g Yoghurt (Greek)

100g Spinach Leaves

1 x Lebanese Cucumber

Red Kellys Chipotle Ranch Dressing

4 x Bread Buns – Cut in half



Combine Yoghurt and Red Kellys Cajun seasoning mix in and place back into fridge.

Place lamb mince into bowl together with breadcrumbs – Season with generous amount of Red Kellys Chipotle Ranch dressing to create a compact firm mixture. Include a good sprinkle of Red Kellys Cajun seasoning and fold into lamb mince.

Shape into round burgers about 10-15mm thick. Set aside at room temperature.

Oven roast red capsicum until golden brown – Set aside to cool and then peel the skin off.

Slice cucumber and prepare spinach leave.

Pre-Heat hot plate to high heat. Place all round burgers on plate turning occasionally until cooked to your liking.

Place all burgers onto bun – Place all ingredients on top of bun, spoon the yoghurt mixture and drizzle some Red Kelly Chipotle Ranch dressing.

Serve while hot.