Italian Meatball Sub



500g Mince Beef (alternatively Pork or Veal)

200g Breadcrumbs

1 x 600ml can of Passata Sauce

200g Bocconcini Cheese

1 x Onion, peeled

2 x tablespoons of Olive Oil

4 x Sub Rolls

Red Kellys Italian or (Sweet Chilli & Lime) Dressing



Brown Onions together with olive oil until softened. Add the passata and bring to boil.

Place Minced beef into a bowl fold over together with onions, breadcrumbs and 125ml of Red Kellys Traditional Italian dressing until combined. Spoon some mince into the palm of your hand and roll into a ball.Add into the passata and simmer with lid on until meatballs for 30-40mins or until meatballs are cooked through.

Place half bocconcini disk over meatballs for the last few minutes of cooking until melted.

Cut subs in half and spoon Meatball, Sauce and melted bocconcini into sub, drizzle with extra Red Kellys Italian or(Sweet Chilli & Lime) dressing and serve while warm.